Three cheers for cutting edge transportation options…we are part of the car2go revolution that is taking over Seattle! If you are in the city, you have probably noticed the streets and parking areas teeming with these adorable little blue and white Smart cars. If you are not local, here is a photo to help you out:

Yep, adorable. And convenient. As a one car household, we are often tied to the bus system when the car is in use, and this leads to limited flexibility. Not to mention a bus ride locally will still run you $2.50. That adds up fast!

So add this into the equation: a car that you can “check out” wherever it is, and pay by the minute only for the time you use. Nothing else. Gas, insurance, repairs are all included…you can probably even score a code to waive the $35 one time sign-up fee. With car access areas recently extended to West Seattle (including by the ferry to Vashon), adding this service to our options for travel was a no brainer. It not only gives us extra flexibility, but it makes the “mainland” side of our future Vashon commute that much more comfortable.

For more information on car2go visit their website @ (and let me know if you want a discount code for Seattle!)


8 thoughts on “car2go

  1. I’d love to try their service, but is there still a service code? The WestSound code doesn’t seem to work. Thanks for the article!

  2. Hey Lauren! Now that I am back in the states I just registered with the promo code…thanks for the info! Hope you and Matt are doing well 🙂

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