part 5 of our trip to Todos Santos, part one starts HERE

Matt and I are proud to say that we are surfers. Maybe we are still only on the inner break, and maybe we don’t have the board skills to hang ten, but we can paddle out, pick a wave, catch it, and ride it all the way in. And come up grinning.

After the big surf the day before, we were concerned that we may have missed our opportunity to surf again, but we rolled into the sand parking lot at Cerritos early again the next morning and found nothing but constant, medium surf and the fog rolling out. It was going to be a beautiful day.

We each got a shortie wetsuit and rented one board to share. We figured that taking turns was the smartest way to go, and it turned out to be a great option. We took turns in the waves working on our form. When in the waves I made friends with another surfer gal that had been taking lessons the same day we did. She and I started talking and became surf buddies. Turns out that she and her husband were on their honeymoon, loved learning to surf, and had a ton in common with us! A vacation friendship was born.

For lunch we bought a sopa from a guy with a cooler under the lifeguard stand. After a long day of surfing, we reluctantly turned in our gear (our bodies were just too shot to keep going…surfing is hard work!) and treated ourselves to a post-beach drink with our honeymooning friends at their hacienda. Margaritas by the pool were a great treat.

Just as the sun was dipping down, we said goodbye and drove back to Todos Santos in search of dinner. By this time we realized how hungry we were, and the massive burros (that is right, these are big enough that they are not even called burritos) we heard about earlier sounded like they would hit the spot. I ordered a chicken one and Matt had beef. The oozy cheese and grilled char on the chicken gave that same satisfying feeling of tucking into a massive burger after a long day of skiing.


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