Road Trip to La Paz

part 6 of our trip to Todos Santos, part one starts HERE

As much as we wanted to surf the last day, we knew that our sore muscles would not last more than a few waves. We decided to travel a little further and explore the other side of the Baja Peninsula by taking a  day trip to La Paz and scout out beaches on the Sea of Cortez.

The 50 miles of driving passed quickly, and we found ourselves surrounded by the traffic that comes with a city. Our first stop? You guessed it: MEGA! We were craving those empanadas that we had from the bakery on our first day, and figured they would make cheap, easy beach food. After finding our way to MEGA, we cruised along the waterfront strip, eventually making our way out of town along sculptured sandstone bluffs. Matt had read in guidebook about some potential snorkeling at Las Conchas, so we found public beach access and tried it out. The beach was pretty unspectacular, and the snorkeling not worth our time, so we loaded back up in the car and drove further out of town. Our goal was to find a massively long beach at the end of the road.

Our journey took us past the port (that was a surprise to come around a curve to) and through massive cactus studded hills. Very barren, but stunning wilderness. As the gas tank inched closer and closer to empty, we finally came to the beach…totally worth the drive.

Tecolotewas a looonnngggg white sand beach, studded with beach palapas and locals. We were some of the only gringos there. We set up camp in the middle of a quiet section and headed off into the turquoise blue water. The Sea of Cortez is a little warmer than the Pacific, so we made our way out to a little sandbar and hung out in the sea just talking and planning out possible future surf trips. Tecolote was an interesting beach to walk, as it had lots of shells and shell parts and cool rocks to inspect and pick up. We made the most of our last full day by soaking up the sun, and eventually heading back across Baja to Todos Santos.

Todos Santos is known for it’s artisan ice cream, and we knew that we had not had enough of it yet, so we planned to stop for some pre-dinner cones. Turns out that this was not in the universes grander plan for us, as we went on a wild goose chase first to the ice cream place (oops, we needed more pesos), to the ATM (I really stress out about ATMs and taking out money so this was not fun and my patience was running low), back to the ice cream shop only to arrive mere seconds after a school group of about 20 kids walked in. Zero patience left. We left, and checked out another ice cream place, but were not too thrilled about their flavors (or their stingy scoop size), so we went home. After cleaning up, mixing some drinks and watching the most stunning sunset of the trip, we were both in better spirits. We decided to venture out for dinner to celebrate our last night of vacation…and it seemed easier since we were pretty much out of food.

Dinner was great. We found a place with a combinacion Mexicana that had all of Matt’s favorite dishes on one plate: enchilada, chili relleno, and tamales. We ordered margaritas and tortilla soup, and left feeling stuffed and happy.


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