Big Surf

part 4 of our trip to Todos Santos, part one starts HERE

We were all ready for another surf day, and headed down to Cerritos early on Tachio’s recommendation to catch some morning waves. We arrived around 9:30, just as the fog was headed out over the last of the breakers. As soon as we pulled up though we knew something was different. The waves were massive, and the beach was empty. The lifeguards were all in a huddle, and there were red flags planted in the sand. We walked over, and our suspicions confirmed: the beach was closed. These waves were too dangerous to swim in, and defiantly not the day for two novice surfers to practice. We were both bummed, but also probably a tiny bit relieved since our bodies had not fully recovered from the lesson day thrashing.

With no preconceived backup plan, we decided to check out the Hacienda de Cerritos on the bluff overlooking the surf beach. It would be a beautiful view of the waves at least, and it was on our list of things to do. We drove up and just walked in, taking the approach of asking for forgiveness later rather than permission. We wandered the extensive building taking in tons of spectacular views, and oohing and ahhing over the hotel layout. There were two big Mexican tile kitchens, expansive pools overlooking the waves, and of course the crash of waves on three sides. We only saw one other guest in the hotel while we explored, and he was the right one to find…he excitedly told us where the hidden staircase was to the tower. It seemed impossible that the view could get better, but going up there it did. It was a stunning day to explore this hotel, and we enjoyed every second of it. For the nightly price higher than what week paid for a week at Casa Rancho though, I think we will still stick with our Todos Santos location next time.

We decided to pick up more camarones grandes, and some fresh yellowfin for dinner, and then headed back to our big wave beach near the Rancho. We figured all the beaches were not swimmable today, so we may as well as go to the one that is easy to get to and TOTALLY empty. This beach seriously goes for miles in both directions, and we were the only two people on it all afternoon. We collected shells and ate tuna avocado salad with a shell for lunch, and soaked in more rays before heading back for another epic dinner.


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