A Silent Film Farewell

part 1 of our trip to Todos Santos

With a 6 AM flight (ie: get to the airport around 4 AM) you would think that we would have called it an early night. Checking to make sure things were packed, cats taken care of, and then well, gotten some sleep. Ha!

We had plans! After a full day of work on Monday, Matt and I met at home before heading back to Seattle for a night on the town. You see, it was the Trader Joe’s Spring Silent Film Series, and we had won VIP tickets. So gosh darn it, we were going! All you can eat/drink appetizers and wine before the movie was dinner, and then we headed to our balcony seats with HUGE bags of goodies that we decided to save for the plane. We saw a funny (but a little too long) film called “Our Dancing Daughters”… I was absolutely in love with the costumes. 1920’s flapper style in all of it’s glory. Fringe galore…need I say more?

We finally fell into bed to take on a whole 4 hours of sleep before heading to the airport. Security was easy, and we were able to focus on how excited we were to actually be going on a vacation! It seriously felt like second honeymoon…but more relaxing! The prospect of beaches and cooking and staying in one location for a full 7 nights was a glorious thing. Farewell dreary March in Seattle.

As we sat in the airport and on the plane we munched on leftover movie snacks and sliced peppers. Matt and I were very proud of how well we had planned our food the week before the trip. Peppers were the only fresh thing left at home, and so we brought them on the plane!

In just over six hours, we were there. The Baja heat greeted us like a long lost friend. We picked up our rental car and hit the highway. We sped towards Cabo with the windows down (and yes, I saw sped for a reason…if you aren’t going at least 30 km/hr over you get run over) and eyes peeled for our first destination: the MEGA grocery store. Well, it turns out that MEGA is much more than a grocery store; you can get everything from tires to TVs to avocados and baby clothes. We had a ball. We scooped up a few coconuts, bananas, avocados, tomatoes, jalapenos, rice, bananas (3 kinds), a few pounds of limes, a pineapple, a massive papaya, onion, some mangos…and a few more limes for good measure. Then we made it out of the produce department! Fresh sausages, eggs, yogurt, milk, juice, tequila, canned beans, canned tuna, hot sauce, beers, 4 gallons of water and a bottle of bubbly. We were just about done when we spotted the bakery section. HOLY. COW. You have not seen a bakery until you have been to MEGA. Six huge cases about 20 feet long, two trays tall of every fresh baked thing you could imagine. Matt and I tried a few things (luckily we knew how these bakeries worked thanks to shopping at our local Mexican market…you find a metal round tray and tongs and pick you items, then take them to the register to be bagged) and packed them up to go.

After MEGA, we sped right past the loud exit of Cabo and headed North to Todos Santos. It was a stunning drive. Cactus and mountains backdropped by the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean. We passed through a few houses and hotels, but most of our drive was just us, the road and cactus. We were on vacation!

We arrived in Todos Santos and made our way through town to the hacienda, Casa Rancho, where we were staying for the week. Thank goodness for the uber detailed directions, because we would never have found this place without them! We made our way through the main town, and out some back dirt/sand roads into the desert, through a dry wash, and up to a stunning compound overlooking more cactus and the sunset. There was no one there to greet us, so we wandered around the grounds, decided to eat our bakery treats for dinner, and set up camp on the view platform over the pool to watch the sunset. Eventually we figured out which room was ours, and when Alec the owner arrived, he confirmed that yep, we were in the right place. We unpacked into the stunning Mexican style kitchen and felt totally at home.

We got directions to the best tortilleria (market that makes fresh tortillas), the pescadería (fish market), and directions to surf lessons. Seems we had the important things covered! We were set to make ourselves at home in Todos Santos.


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