Practicing Spontaneity

Yesterday I posted about things that made me happy. When I was typing those words ‘even though we are not going to Mexico’, this small act inspired me to ask “why not?” We have the time, the money, nothing to miss at home…WHY NOT? We don’t have kids to juggle, we are young…let’s be spontaneous! 

Two hours later we had approval to take off work and tickets booked to Cabo. A few months back we saw a short bio on Todos Santos, Mexico…a low key art and surf community 90 minutes north of Cabo on the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula. Waves + sand – tons of tourists of Cabo sounded just right to us. Matt and I have been talking about wanting to learn to surf. And relax on the beach. And use our $99 companion fare ticket on Alaska Air. 

So we are going! In 11 days! Last night I rummaged around for passports, and started compiling a mental list of things to pack. It is a short list. We are taking as little as possible.

Next week is my last BGI intensive for the quarter. I will be exhausted when I come home Sunday afternoon. Pack. Go to work. Get on a plane with my favorite travel partner.

I can almost taste the salt water and sunshine now!


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