I Swam

I picked my gym because it had a pool. Unfortunately (or fortunately I guess) I fell in love with kickboxing and focus my week around attending a Thursday and Sunday class. Between work, school and trying to have a little down time I really only make it in about 1 or 2 additional days a week. These extra days typically involve cycling (like my own personal spin class) and weights. I have been avoiding the pool. maybe it is the chlorine, maybe I am just not feeling motivated. It has been a mystery why I have not been tempted to swim.

I am not sure why, but yesterday I was inspired to get back in the water. I have been having bad shin/calf issues, and so that was a factor. Also, my muscles were just craving the methodical routine of swimming laps.

I jumped in the pool, and as always, felt right at home. The strokes come so easily to me after years  and years and years of practices. I swam for 40 minutes, just enough time to get my muscles totally warmed up and relaxed before 2 ½ hours of sitting in front of the computer for class. It felt wonderful. It also reminded me how much my body loves to swim. It seriously is a full body workout. I felt muscles move that have not really been active, even though I am pretty good at mixing up my routines.

Yesterday was hopefully the turning point. I am going to start swimming again.



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