Probiotics for Breakfast

You have probably heard or probiotics. You probably know they are good for you…like seriously amazingly good for you. These are all the bugs in our guts that keep us healthy and digestion working well. Since the typical (even healthy) modern diets don’t offer much in the way of natural probiotics, I am on a quest to get more into my diet. One of my classmates has a local raw sauerkraut business, so sauerkraut is not part of my daily routine (and we are looking for a crock and will start making it soon!), and last weekend my parents gave us some kefir grains. This morning I enjoyed our first batch of homemade kefir…a naturally probiotic rich yougurt-like treat! It was awesome!

This past week I have been experimenting with chia oatmeal pudding for breakfast, so this morning I swapped almond milk for kefir and am hooked. The Chia seeds are a great source of protein and antioxidants, and absorb liquid to form a tapioca pudding-like texture. This is a great healthy and probiotic rich start to the day!

Chia Oatmeal Pudding

1/3 cup thick rolled oats

¾ Tbs Chia seeds

1 Tbs ground flax

Raisins, nuts, cinnamon or whatever else you want to add

1 cup cold kefir, almond milk or milk

Mix ingredients together and let stand for up to 12 hours. I usually make this in the morning before I shower and then eat it cold a half hour later, or mix it up in a canning jar to take to work. You can soak it all overnight too and that tastes great as well, everything is just a bit softer then and I prefer texture.

If you are interested in making your own kefir (way cheaper than buying it!) here is a good guide:


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