Overcommitted Snowshoers

We have too much going on. Matt and I have really been feeling the strain of overcommitting to things…dinner with friends, dinner with family, trips out of town, grad school work, grad school meetings…the list goes on. I feel responsible for much of this because my natural tendency is to plan, filling up every space in my schedule with something. Well, that is getting old.

I am working hard to minimize our commitments, really thinking hard about the impact saying “yes” or “no” will have to a plan. Portland last week was a prime example. I said yes, and although it was a good trip, really threw me for a loop this past week. I was unstable at work, playing catch up on school, and generally just frazzled and unproductive. It did not feel good.

This weekend we had more plans. Dinner with friends on Friday night (meaning a rush to clean the house, followed by cooking and more mess after dinner). It was a wonderful night, but we had more than just that on the docket. Saturday was supposed to be our day to escape the city and go snowshoeing in the mountains. We had pictured a slow morning, nice breakfast followed by a snow filled adventure. What it turned out to be was great too, but the massive dishes and cleaning we had to do before leaving the house (leaving in a rush since we were getting a late start) was not at all relaxing. We had a great snowshoe adventures…trekking for three hours in untracked, beautiful snow. It ended somewhat differently when our trail options ran out and we were walking along I-90 (major highway!) and eventually got picked up by the DOT to get a lift back to our car. It was a story for sure!

But we were not done. We had dinner plans at Matt’s parents, so stayed out there and played games. Again, great visit, but more things we had scheduled in.

Sunday was not much better. I did make it to kickboxing, and Matt had an easy day at work, but our whole evening was balancing school work (me), job applications (Matt) and more cooking. Break? I don’t think so.

I am out of town this weekend for school, which will mean even less time to recoup before next week. So we have a plan. No more commitments at this point. At least for a few weeks. We need to get our feet back on the ground and reset.


2 thoughts on “Overcommitted Snowshoers

  1. Sounds like a good plan. Believe it or not Gaga and I get ourselves in a similar situation and have to cross things off his list. Girls basketball has bit the dust even tho we have season tickets and we think really hard before we go to music school events which are not pre-payed for. Love, Grammhy

    • Yep, I expect that this will be a lifelong challenge 🙂

      At least I started eating chocolate again. I found a really awesome brand called Fearless Chocolate that is practically raw and has very little sugar. I figured it was worth adding back in while I am on this no sugar kick 😛

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