24 Hours in PDX

{written Monday}

I am in Portland. It has been a wonderful 24 hours, but it certainly did not start that way. This was a last minute trip to cram in a free sales class for school. My do-it-all side caught up with my overwhelmed and realistic side on Saturday night when I realized how crazy this trip sounded. I managed (through tears and stress and many many emails) to pack and make it on the 8am bus Sunday morning, and actually made it to Portland with an unknown schedule or plan. I was not sure how I would get to the sales class, how to get back to the bus station in time for my departure, and still had options on the table to stay the night. Too many choices.

In the end I decided to embrace my time here and spend the night. I hung out with classmates over dinner and drinks (even though eating out is a little stressful with my current restrictions) and got to know some really awesome girls from school.

i spent the night at Alana’s house, and slept so well. Then we hung out for breakfast at a great coffee shop (even though I could not find anything that was truly in my eating options, so cheese happened in the form of a really fabulous frittata)

I successfully took the bus across town to make a business meeting in person (so much better than over the phone…and helped my justify working from Portland today…I am so grateful that my job can be this flexible). So here I am, waiting for my meeting to start, embracing this last minute trip that has helped me overcome some travel fears (still not sure what they were, but they were there), connect with some wonderful classmates, and learn some awesome sales skills for work and life. It has been a wonderful trip. And I am looking forward to the train ride back north this afternoon.

Perhaps after a stop in a Cacao…the legendary chocolate shop. Too bad I am not eating any sugar right now.


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