Nothing brings me more satisfaction than checking things off a list. I make as many little micro task to-do boxes on any checklist, just so I can have the satisfaction of checking them off. It makes progress that much sweeter.

In the bigger picture of life checkboxes, there were a few that were going unchecked. The kind of tasks that are bigger than folding laundry (which I despise). This week I finally got around to checking some of them off. Like readjusting my ROTH IRA, and opening one for Matt. It was a big leap into adulthood when I finally picked up the phone and took over a task that I had previously cast off to my dad or brother. This is now MY job. Getting finances in order is something that I love because it requires lots of little checkboxes and tracking. I have tracked every penny I spent since college, and now am doing it for two. That combined with planning for travel, a house, paying for grad school and saving for retirement gives me plenty to manage. It sure feels good to have financial advisors impressed with how I have a handle on things. Matt appreciates it because he hates all that tracking and managing and planning for money.

Checkbox #2 this past week was resetting my diet. Not so much “a diet”, but rather a new, sustainable way of eating. The first step is not sustainable, but rather a starting point for my body to adjust, and then I plan to slowly reintroduce foods, just keep them more limited in the future. Cold turkey, I cut out wheat/gluten, dairy, alcohol and all added sugar. I have always eaten well, and tracked my food for years, this was just a new level of intention on what I eat. It has been a challenge, but I can already feel a huge difference. I am craving sugar less and less, and that is an amazing feeling. Our cooking has been lean and veggie heavy, and we are still enjoying scrumptious meals. We made a huge pot of root vegetable chicken soup, and tonight Matt is making lentil meatloaf and brussel sprouts. Yum! My sweet tooth did get the best of me last night, but luckily we had some frozen bananas on hand. Blend some of those babies with almond milk, cocoa power and peanut butter and voilà! Dessert!

Checkbox #3 was a big one last week too. I asked for a raise. I got up the gumption to ask my boss to meet about my 2013 goals, and also straight out asked for a raise. It went well, and though it sounds like it was already in the works (yay!) it was great practice for being proactive in my career.

Checkbox #4 was actually two weeks ago, but honestly the weeks are all blending together these days. We got preapproved for our home loan, and are all set to make an offer when the right house comes along. Come on house!

Checkbox #5 – balancing school and home. Matt and I are coping really well with the weekends I am away at school, and making extra effort to spend time together in the evenings. He plays guitar while I study, and sharing space even when we are not talking feels so good.

Life is good.


One thought on “Checklist

  1. I wrote my post on Sunday night and I was so amused to see this post yesterday! Great minds think alike! Good luck with your food challenge! You should post the tastiest of your recipes on here! I’d like to try them! 🙂 Good luck finding a house too!!

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