Simultaneously Inspired and Unmotivated

Maybe it’s the lack of sunshine and vitamin D. Maybe it’s the lull in work projects, coupled with the startup of a new quarter of graduate school. Maybe it’s because I am exhausted after weekend away at school with very little (and very poor) sleep. Or that it is winter and our house is SO COLD. Or that I am anxious and excited about a house. It’s probably all of these.

The past 4 days were spent among the trees on Bainbridge Island, packing in lessons around sustainable business. I made some wonderful connections that have me SO FIRED UP about what I can do, and really inspired me to keep changing the world. Classes are so fulfilling, and I am learning a ton. I have a wonderful network of friends at school, and really admire how well Matt is coping with my weekends away.

At the same time, I am stuck in the mud. I don’t feel like moving forward with anything. My attention gets caught up in VERY unnecessary tasks, conveniently sidestepping what I should be doing (like clipping the carpet. Yes, I seriously spent 20 minutes doing that last night). I feel like curling up under a blanket and just staying there. I am excited about what I am doing, but doing it, not so much. How is that even possible?

I am changing it up. Matt and I are eating differently for a few weeks, and I am going to need an extra dose of time management with the increased workload of the quarter. We are making plans to get out snowshoeing, and having dinner with friends. Pre-approval is complete for houses, so now we are just waiting for the right thing to pop up. Why does it have to be Monday? I am ready for another weekend.


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