The “well, it’s not perfect” House

I was going to write this post about the second house we visited on Vashon, but really the title is applicable to two places…that one and the house we currently rent in West Seattle. Our adorable little 1927 house in West Seattle is quaint, has character, and is the perfect size and location…but has a few downsides that a) make us glad we don’t own it, and b) realize that we are ready for our own place.

Case in point: on Sunday, the house was 47 degrees while outside hovered around 26. Try typing up homework with frozen fingers while knowing that it is still costing a fortune to heat it up to that frigid temperature. Yes, there is basically zero insulation in this house, and the windows are all R-value of nada.

Knowing that we are ready to move, and also knowing where we want to move to makes it that much more of a patience test for us to find the right place. Or places at all for that matter. Right now there are literally two houses on the market that meet our basic requirements (acreage + house + price), and both (surprise surprise) are not quite “right”. The first one that we really loved has been totally X-ed off the list due to the massive list of structural problems…and the likelihood of even more that we could not even see. We are using it as a point of reference for what we like and a great first learning experience.

This brings me to the second house. Also on acreage (beautiful, secluded and cleared/fenced acreage at that!), newer house, great elements that hit items on our checklist (second kitchen, shop, structurally sound) and a good price. What is not to love? The house. It had some odd mini-split level thing going on, was horribly plain from the outside, and requires stairs to get into the house from any side. We liked parts of it, but I just could not picture raising a family in that house. So it went off the list. Here are a few images:


…at least for a few days. With the addition of zero new properties on the market, all our house-focused energy eventually brings this house back up in conversation. Matt is in love with the shop and the second kitchen, and likes the land, but I am not ready to budge. We keep talking about how we could “make it ours” and make it more like what we want…but I am holding fast. I am not ready to settle.

I just hope that more houses come on the market soon so we can start dreaming up other options than this “not quite perfect” property!


2 thoughts on “The “well, it’s not perfect” House

  1. It takes a while for the right house to come up, hold your ground for a little while! We looked online for a few weeks before going to start looking in person, and that was a six week adventure on its own. If you feel like you’d be settling, wait a while. Keep an eye on the house, but keep looking to see if something that fits better shows up.

  2. It looks like of like a Swiss Chalet to me – I think it would grow on me! But hold your ground and wait for “the one.”

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