Off to a good start!

Things are looking good for 2013 so far! Work is going well, two projects that I have been managing for almost 2 years both just received LEED Gold certification and are OVER! Phew! What a long slog of details, paperwork, stress and technical challenges. I have an amazing team that made it bearable, and we are all celebrating today. This week I start my 6 week assignment sitting on a design committee for a new high school. I was specifically invited to participate by the District, and am one of three people from my company on the team…the other two being our CEO and a vice president! This should be some great experience and open more doors. And there are murmurs that bonuses may happen this year…

I am excited about school too. This quarter is already miles ahead of last in terms of how enthused I am about the content. We are moving past the “get everyone on the same page” intros and really digging into the MBA side of what I wanted to get out of the program. I am thrilled to be working on a new case study team with two great guys I became friends with over last quarter, and working with my awesome group of ladies for the team project. We are well on our way to out-do ourselves last quarter.

Matt and I are doing great too. We are making plans to see friends more, spend more quality time together, and have really enjoyed the prospect of a new place on Vashon. We are trying to make appointments with financial people, saving even more, and getting creative with date nights and vacations. Cooking with cheaper ingredients (ie: beans!) and exercising more. We are planning an Oregon coast road trip for this summer that I am thrilled about, and already have a beach vacation to Grand Cayman on the books. Now all we need to do is find Matt and new job and we are set.

Tonight we are watching “The Money Pit”…a reccomendation from my parents as we embark on finding our dream home. Library = awesome way to find old movies.

2013 is off to a great start. Would it be asking too much to have a little snow now too?


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