Kickoff to Second Quarter

This week means back to school. I have treasured these past few weeks of free evenings after work. Matt and I have made dinner together, taken time to watch movies, walk to town and just hang out. Of course, we have also been sick so that has put a damper on things. Treasured time none the less.


On Friday my parents took us to a glass blowing lesson…great groupon Christmas gift! We had a good time learning how the process works, even if our participation was very minimal.

After the lesson, we hosted my parents for the night, and had a dinner party with them and Matt’s mom (his dad had to work). We made a ham, and feasted in the living room next to the cheery Christmas tree. We celebrated my mom’s birthday early, and I surprised her with a gift I had been searching for for MONTHS…a replacement for one of their favorite wedding gifts: a ceramic hamburger coaster set. I found an identical one on ebay! It was so fun watching her unwrap this icon from their home so many years back.

Saturday was our day to show mom and dad Vashon Island. We have been talking about moving there for months, but this was their first opportunity to see it in person. Our trip did not go exactly as planned…the bakery was still closed for the holidays. Boo. We had to settle for Thriftway doughnuts and muffins but we still had a good breakfast. We toured 3 houses with the agent, one was the property we really liked last time, a similar property for comparison, and finally a $1.15M house that was a “what the heck” stop in. We also played on the beach even though it was freezing cold!

After a long day of exploring the island, we found amazing burgers at Zippy’s in White Center. We had never tried it before, but this little hole in the wall was AWESOME. I know this will become our standard burger go-to.

We are still in the process of learning a TON, and really narrowing down what we want in a house and land. Nothing on the market is “right” yet, so we are being patient. We have ruled out our favorite house from last time…it is looking more like a money pit all the time. $1.15M…totally not in our price range, but honestly it was our least favorite that we have seen to date. Go figure (though it did give us some awesome kitchen remodel ideas!) The other house was ok, just not right. We are waiting for THE house and land to come on the market.

In the meantime, back to school.


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