Welcoming the New Year

2012 was a great year. The highlight was clearly our wedding and honeymoon (and all the projects associated with it!), but there were lots of other special things that we will look back on with fond memories. We cooked and cooked, and cooked some more across all the months of the year, we went hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing, hosted game nights with friends, and had great weekends at my parents. It was a full year.

As 2012 comes to a close, we are trying to figure out what our focus will be for 2013. Vacation days are back in the picture, and graduate school is in full swing for me. It will be another full year, but with a different feeling. I expect a more grown up feeling. It will be a year of settling in, and creating a strong lifetime foundation for the journey we started in 2012.

We are putting our energy into saving up for, and finding, our little farm on Vashon Island. New year resolutions include cutting out all extra expenses, using our crockpot more, and saving saving saving wherever we can. We have slimmed down to one car, and are optimistic about a raise for me and a new job for Matt. We are realizing that our dreams are expensive and are foraging a plan to make them happen.

We are also focusing on staying active and healthy, and making the most out of our beautiful PNW life. Summer goals for camping and hiking and exploring the coast will use up most of our vacation, and growing a bountiful garden will fill summer evenings and weekends. Time with family and friends are a top priority, and above all, living each day to the fullest and remembering to appreciate what we have.

I look forward to all the joy and excitement new adventures bring, and remind myself to be patient and optimistic when the challenges arise. To you and yours, Happy New Year.


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