We’ll be home for Christmas…maybe

Our car is done. Fixed, good as new.

We are planning to drive to my parent’s house tonight, and then go snowshoeing at Mt. Baker before the Christmas guests and festivities all arrive.

It’s the perfect plan, all except that our insurance assessor is on vacation (conveniently did not mention that to us…) and we cannot get his final approval to release our car back to us. Fingers are all crossed that his backup comes through, but at this point we are not sure when or how we will be headed north for Christmas. I am sure we will make it up, it just may not be the relaxing trip we imagined.

To top it all off, noone brought cookies to work today. Seriously, the day before Christmas weekend? We have goodies in here all the time and I carefully resist…and today there is NOT ONE cookie to be found! I really need a few at this point.

Can you tell I am thrilled? I really just want this all to be done and over so I can take a break.

And snowshoeing sure sounds nice. It helps burn off cookies too.


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