Monday Update

Since Friday, life has slowed down since we became a car-less family (less stress, maybe, but really it just has changed the stress). After the 2AM crash, I spent most of Friday on the phone from home, trying to juggle work from home and talking to insurance and repair places. We tried taking the car to one repair place a few blocks away, had a horrible experience, and so just took the car home in favor of a repair place I have used before. By the time I got home, the car was smoking so driving it was deemed not an option. Five phone calls later I had a tow truck lined up (we were 70 miles over our warranty for free towing from Mini, and AAA said the repair place was too far for a free tow, but I finally got insurance to send someone for free). By 2PM our poor little car was at the repair place waiting for Monday to come and start the estimating process for repairs.


Matt and I made the most of our day at home. He made amazing eggplant parmesan and braciole (oh boy was it good!) and I made a batch of my famous coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (also known as Lauren’s amazing cookies). They must have been pretty amazing because the whole batch was consumed over the course of the weekend. We cleaned the house, worked in the yard, and I tackled my last pile of homework for the quarter. We even made time for a walk through Camp Long across the street, and it was wonderful getting out and feeling far away from the city.

Today the first of the car estimates came back: over $7300 for the repairs. Apparently there were a lot of things cracked and ruined once the exterior layer was peeled back. Joy. We are just keeping our fingers crossed that when the insurance guy comes out (sometime this week…) he will just sign off and it is fixed no problem.

Tonight we are celebrating our 4-month-aversary! A phở date is in store to celebrate.


One thought on “Monday Update

  1. Ughh I am sorry to hear about your car woes…but at that cost you may be better if they total it out and give you the money for a new car. I had this happen and it was $6000 worth of repairs. It was repaired but took 6 weeks to be completed and never really was quite the same. If you have any frame damage urge them to total it out!!

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