Car Woes

So this morning around 2AM my car got sandwiched in front of our house. Total hit and run. We had the police out here (Matt heard it happen) and we got a police report but my back bumper is pretty smashed up. It was too dark to really see the extent of the damage. We were up most of the night waiting for police, so between that and waiting to check out the car in daylight I will be into work late, if at all today. We are not sure if it is drivable.

What a way to start a Friday.

5 thoughts on “Car Woes

  1. Thinking about you. How heart breaking and not time to lay on another layer of stress! Just remember you are both loved! Grammy

    • Thanks Grammy! It has been a rough day, but we made it fun. Not being able to get into work has perks even if most of the day is spent on the phone 🙂

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