Final Two Weeks

It is the final two weeks of the quarter. Final project deadlines are drawing near both at school and at work. I am exhausted. I think I am holding up pretty well on the outside, making it to places on time, remembering (most) things I have to do, and staying cheery. Matt can see how stressed I am though. My right eye has been twitching non-stop for almost two weeks now. I am having really odd dreams, sometimes nightmares. Alki has figured out I need a little extra love and sits on my lap every night when I am at the computer in class or working. I just need a break. Thank goodness Christmas is just around the corner!

Our house feels cheery with the sparkly Christmas tree. We have been making good dinners in the evenings and enjoying them watching the Simpson’s together on the couch. It feels very cozy when it storms outside.

 All the gifts are wrapped, so that takes one more to-do off my plate. I am making kickboxing class a priority and that is 3 hours a week that I really cherish. And all my time at home with Matt, even when we are just working on mundane tasks like cleaning. I really cannot say enough about how great of an “other half” he his!


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