1000 Miles an Hour

My brain is running in so many directions it is hard to get anything done. Maybe if I jot a few of them down here they will take up less space and brain power so I can get back to work.

-planning a cool project to make one of these (if I can find the time!)

-dreaming up a surf vacation for spring break

-making packing lists for Jenny & Brian’s wedding this weekend. We are off to Spokane!

-getting through homework and class projects

-trying to not let Matt’s sibling drama get to me…or him

-trying to not stress about finding mold mites in out house…so gross

-despising LEED certifications at work

-craving some good pizza

-needing to make dentist/doctor appointments

-frustration with our landlord for not depositing checks quickly


We are busy, my brain is busy. I am excited for winter break.


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