Honeymoon Day 20: Split, Croatia

The only things we knew about Split were that it was a) in Croatia, and b) home to Diocletian’s Palace (queue Matt’s commentary on Roman history). It was a short port of call, but it turned out to be ok because it was a pretty small historic core to explore.

The old town itself was fascinating to look at. Ancient ruins ran right up against new(er) buildings, all being lived in and used. There was no “do not touch the ruins” here. The old palace walls were largely intact, and the main city streets were old ancient cobbles surrounded by old stone buildings. We climbed the bell tower (VERY steep climb), saw the Cathedral of St. Domnius, and eventually made our way out to the public market. We looked for bakery and found two local pastries to try – one savory cheese and the other cherry. We really liked seeing the differences between this market and the ones in Turkey. In Turkey the markets were vendors selling many tables of goods (crops, nuts, spices etc). At this market, each vendor was only at one table, clearly selling just what they had produced at their home farm. Some tables were piled high with peppers and fruit, while others only had a few items for sale. We bought some raspberries to snack on with our pastries.

My day ended early in Split when my tummy stopped feeling well. It is not fun to walk around when your insides are rebelling. I went back and laid down while Matt explored some more.

That night we finished packing, had one last meal, and started planning what to do in Venice before heading home.


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