Days 21 & 22: Venice & Home to Seattle

We pulled into Venice during the night, so we awoke to a familiar skyline and the reality that our vacation was almost over (but a beautiful sunrise!).

Saying we were ready through would be an understatement. My insides were still very unhappy, we were both still sick, and honestly just plain exhausted after 3 weeks of traveling in the heat. Disembarkation went smoothly, and luckily we knew exactly how to get to our hotel for the night. This was critical as I was running between bathrooms for the final 30 hours of our time in Italy. Not fun. For this exact reason, we laid low at the hotel for most of the day, and then finally ventured out for a “cruise” on the vaparetto. Matt and I rode the main line end to end on the Grand Canal, taking in the sights and awesome people watching from the back seating deck. It was a great, low key way to spend our final touristy time in Venice.

We went back to our hotel to clean up and relax before dinner. On the way there, we found the nearest Coop (our favorite supermarket chain) and bought our version of souvenirs: tuna, coffee, anchovies, pasta and wine. Unfortunately we had a horrible social faux pas and checked out with our massive load in the line that is for 5 items only. And we spoke so little Italian it was hard to apologize. We packed our bags as fast as possible and left in a hurry. Oh grocery stores are a hard place to navigate!

We wanted to do our final dinner in Venice, and of the trip, to be special. We still had one thing on our “must eat” list that we had not had: tiramisu. I was avoiding meat, and matt wanted gnocchi, so walked along inspecting menus for an acceptable combination of choices. We settled on a cute little place right along the Grand Canal that balanced authentic charm and touristy appeal in just the right way. We decided to go all out and order mozzarella and tomatoes, and fish soup (we did want to try seafood on this coast as well), as well as Bolognese Gnocchi (Matt) and pesto spaghetti (me). The fish soup, amazing…we did not leave a drop! Matt’s gnocchi was fabulous too…homemade with a really fresh sauce. The pesto, eh, I should have known better. This is not the pesto area of Italy, and you could tell. Luckily we had plenty of other things to eat! And for dessert: decadent, homemade, perfect tiramisu. We watched the sun set over the Grand Canal, and then wandered home basking in the romance the last evening of our honeymoon in Venice.

Sounds perfect right? Well, it was, until my insides decided to rebel again. Let’s just say it was a very fast and memorable trip back to the hotel. Good thing I married such a great guy who is willing to laugh with me in awkward situations!

The next morning we ate breakfast, checked out, and took a bus to the airport. From there it was pretty uneventful. Busses were smooth, and we checked in with both bags (after a slight reshuffling) just at the weight limit (wine and pasta and tuna weight a lot!). When we arrived in NY, the customs line was out the door, but we were able to bypass it since we had a short connection. Our final flight we had a seat between us, which really helps on an 8 hour flight.

We were exhausted when we got to Seattle. And honestly somewhat disappointed that it was not rainy! After all that heat we were ready for some cooler weather! Matt’s parent’s picked us up and took us home. Boy oh boy, were the kitties happy to have their people home! We shared some quick stories, but were ready to crash. And after being gone for 3 weeks, nothing can compare to being home, snuggled up in your own bed.

Our souvenirs from the trip! mostly canned Italian tuna, wine and honey!


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