Honeymoon Day 16: Mykonos, Greece

Well, today was supposed to by Mykonos, but when we pulled up we knew something was not right. It was a gorgeous clear day, but there were no boats in sight. The waves continued to grow in size and it was extremely windy. From our balcony we could see that although we had arrived, we were not stationary and anchored, and the tender boat alongside us was having trouble getting through the waves. Staying positive, we got our tender passes (we learned early on how to maximize efficiency getting off the ship on tender ports), scarfed down breakfast on the Lido, and were in the elevator headed to disembarkation when the captain came on over the loudspeakers. “we are sorry to inform you that we will be canceling out port of call at Mykonos due to unsafe conditions.” Major bummer! The captain assured us that we would try to dock in Kushadasi early and overnight there, but it meant we had an extra day at sea and did not get to see this cool Greek island. Bummer. So what to do: head to the pool! Chairs were going to be a premium that day.

When we got to the pool deck the wind was whipping around so hard that chairs were flying over, glasses at the bar were breaking and people were losing sunglasses and hats everywhere! The pool was lurching back and forth hard enough to turn it into a wave pool. So what did we do? Grabbed a chair, tied down our stuff and jumped in! Most fun we had on the ship the whole 12 days! Unfortunately after about 5 minutes a crew member came over and made us get out. Bummer again. We laid in the sun for a while, then went back to our room to watch a movie. We ended up renting a bunch of movies on the ship to pass the time and relax.

We did make it to Kusadasi, Turkey that evening, and walked through town to see what there was to see. Not much. Lots of touristy shops. We ate dinner on the ship and scoped out our plan for Ephesus in the morning. We knew this would take some more work since Ephesus is outside the city, and we were determined to do it on the cheap!


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