Friday Soundbite

Woohoo! Friday! A whole weekend ahead of me to…oh yea, catch up on schoolwork. I guess that is what I signed up for with full time work + MBA program. Yep, life is busy. Matt has been wonderful, and we are really taking this thing on as a team. It is hard when I am in class all evening, and we need to cook, clean, do laundry and spend some time together. Thank goodness we don’t have kids yet!

School is going really well. I am learning a ton, and really enjoy my classmates. The first weekend intensive was amazing, now it is just trying to build the time commitment reality of school workload into my life.

Last weekend we went cider pressing in Ferndale (photos may go up someday…) and this weekend we are just hanging out in Seattle. Laying low, trying to get ready for winter in our little non-insulated house. It has been roughly 49 degrees in the morning. I may be time to turn on some heat.

So that is where we are. Busy, but happy in Seattle. It is a lot of brain power to get through each week but it will be totally worth it. It helps when my mom is playing travel agent to us to the beach next year. Destination goal: Grand Cayman! I need some sand and sun!


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