Wedding Photo Bliss!

Warm. Content. Fillfilled. Loved.

That is how I am feeling. Last night we received the email we had long been waiting for…our wedding photos are done! Ben sent us a weblink, and also dropped our DVDs in the mail. I immediately clicked open the sight and, wow, I could not be happier with the photos. They are stunning. Not only are the photos themselves gorgeous, but they perfectly capture the emotion of our wedding day. Clicking through them with Matt nearly brought tears to my eyes, recalling all love and pure joy we experienced that day in August. There are just too many good ones to share! Here is a quick sample of a few favs…

After class, we went out for pho with Beth, as a final farewell dinner before she heads out to sea again on Monday. We laughed and talked over our brothy dinner, then talked and laughed some more while Matt enjoyed a cà phê sữa (Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk). Oh so good. I stole a sip, and I am hooked! This weekend we are going to find some phin filters at a market so we can make it at home. It will be the perfect fall treat to share in our cozy little home.


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