Late Summer Party in Ferndale (aka: Second Wedding Reception)

All these honeymoon posts (and work, and school and life!) have been slowing down my normal life posts! (and yes, the honeymoon posts are still coming). A few weekends ago Matt and I went up to Ferndale to see my parents, go crabbing, and have a second wedding reception. Now, when we say wedding reception what we really mean is a party using our leftover wine, champagne and decorations from the wedding! Nothing formal about this event!

We had a beautiful evening out at the beach feasting on crab with friends. Our friend Beth and her mom made it up too and we taught them the ways of crabbing from a canoe in the PNW. Nothing beats fresh crab on the beach.

The next day we feasted again (cake buffet, round 2 anyone?) and celebrated with a whole slew of friends from Whatcom County. Parties are so fun! Next one planned: cider pressing!


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