Honeymoon Days 11 & 12: Kotor, Montenegro & at Sea

On day 11 we awoke to stunningly clam clear, deep blue seas for our approach into country #2 for this trip: Montenegro! We enjoyed room service breakfast on our verandah as we pulled in. It felt very luxurious eating in robes on the deck (even if the food was subpar).

We anchored just off of Kotor, and took tender boats ashore. We only had a few hours here, and it was 111 degrees before we even left of boats, so we went ashore without a plan to see what we could find. The obvious choice, go shopping! Our choice: get to the fortress on the ridge 1000+ feet above the city. We asked for a city map and how to find the trail, and the information girl told us not to go. It was too hard and too hot. Too bad. We went anyway. The trail was mostly stone steps, worn smooth from years of being walked on. The trail followed the wall that edged the entire city, rising straight up from the waterfront town.

The climb up took us about 40 minutes. Hot and sweaty, yes, very. Clearly that is a theme on this trip. Actually, in Kotor we did not have the humidity that really made the heat miserable in Italy. So it did not feel that bad.

The view from the top was stunning. We took lots of photos and video. Then headed down. We wandered the town searching for some local wine (success!) to take back on the ship, then I headed back while Matt went to explore some ruins we saw from the hike.

For the next 36 hours, our schedule revolved around the pool, movies in our room, sleeping relaxing and eating. After Kotor, the day at sea gave us plenty of time to settle in get our bearings, and enjoy the ship. We spent a good amount of time in the pool, and played many games of Carccassone. Our evening at sea was a formal night, so we got dressed up and turned heads all across the ship. In the early evening we wandered the ship before formal dinner night #1. Matt and I got dressed to the nines…me in a blue evening gown (that I will be wearing in Jenny’s wedding this November!) and Matt in his wedding suit. Getting some mileage out of those clothes!

We thought we would be more excited about the shows and activities than we were but it turned out that what we really enjoyed was hanging out, renting movies in our room, and just relaxing by the pool. And of course planning out how to tackle our next port of call. These were really the highlight of the cruise.


2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Days 11 & 12: Kotor, Montenegro & at Sea

    • we did not take any except that one that first formal night…there are more from later on dress-up nights coming though!

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