Honeymoon Day 9: Venice, Italy

Written September 5th, 2012 – in-flight Venice to NYC
We made it across Italy! After arriving so late at night it was nice to see Venice in the sunlight. Such a beautiful, unique city. We have both been to Venice before, so we were not in a huge rush to see things, but decided to focus on getting to San Marco and see the basilica. We wandered the streets, taking a route that took us over the Rialto Bridge, over more canals, through two Coop grocery stores, and finally into Piazza San Marco. We wandered around looking at buildings and sights, taking pictures. Then got in line for the basilica. This was something I missed on my last trip here, so I was excited to see it. Inside was stunningly beautiful. Totally worth the line!

After the basilica we decided it was time to collect our bags and make our way to phase 2: our Mediterranean cruise! We walked/climbed our bags to Piazza Roma (if you have never been to Venice, be warned there are tons of bridges, absolutely none with ramps…they are all stairs which make rolling bags hard to use effectively) and caught the People Mover to the cruise terminal. It was a very tiring, hot, sweaty process!

We boarded the Nieuw Amsterdam in record time (literally zero waiting in line to get onboard!), getting to our veranda stateroom with plenty of time to unpack and relax. We decided to stay onboard for the evening, and ate at opening dining with a few other traveling groups that led to some interesting and fun conversation.

It felt so good to unpack. As much fun as it was to be traveling on our own, and it is certainly our preference, by day 9 it was nice to unpack and know that we would not need to touch our luggage again for 12 days. We were done checking in and out of hotels, and we could have our laundry done! We decided to go for the unlimited laundry package and we made it worth our while after day two…sending three bags to be washed and all our formal clothes to be pressed. Totally worth it!

Since we were not going back to town that night, we took the time to make a plan for the next day. And drink wine on the balcony of our stateroom. We were to pull out of Venice at 1, so we did not have a ton of time. Just enough to go back to San Marco and go to the top of the bell tower. Excellent plan for our last few hours in Venice. Salute!


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