Honeymoon Day 10: Second Day in Venice, Italy

Waking up from our first night sleep on the Nieuw Amsterdam was so nice…all we had to do was pack what we needed for the day! The rest of our stuff could stay here! Woohoo!

We had a quick breakfast on the Lido deck and then walked across Venice for one last tourist stop before sailing away at 1. The previous day we had explored all over San Marco, but skipped the tower. Today was tower day. We stood in line for about 15 minutes before being squeezed into a jam packed elevator to climb 50 meters to the observation room in the belfy of the tower. Boy is it a great view! 360° of nothing but stunning Venice views. We took tons of photos, then rode the elevator back down. We knew we would be back in Venice again at the end of the trip, so we took our time just wandering back through the open air market to the ship, grabbed some pizza for lunch, and then hit the pool deck in our swimsuits for the sail-away from Venice.


Leaving Venice was spectacular. It was hot and sunny and we could watch the city go by while we lounged by the pool. The ship sailed through the main Venice harbor, right alongside piazza San Marco and all the other key sites. A really cool view of the city! We picked out all the leaning towers of Venice, and watched taxis, gondolas and vaparettos angle for the narrow canals leading into the city.

We requested a switch to assigned late seating, so this second dinner onboard was in the main dining room with our table for two laid out in the center part of the dining room. Our dining steward, Simon, was very nice and learned early on that we like milk and Matt loves his desserts.


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