Embarking on a new Adventure

Wedding – check

Honeymoon – check

Grad school orientation – check

Yep! That is right! I start graduate school on Monday. I have enrolled in a two year MBA program at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, for an MBA in Sustainable Systems. This school is the perfect fit for me, and I am so excited to start.

Now, realistically, two years of school while working full time is going to be a lot. I have been practicing saying “no” to social engagements, and believe me, that is not fun! I am anticipating that school will be both rewarding and challenging, on all levels. Over these next two years I hope to keep blogging for fun. It is a great release and something I will do to keep my personal life sane! I will also be keeping a (required) school blog about academics and economics. That blog can be found HERE, and feel free to take a glance! It may not be as fun as this one (or have as much food on it!) but it will give you an insight into my life and thoughts as I take on this next adventure.

Classes will be online in the evenings in a live, virtural classroom. You can even raise your hand in class! Totally cool. We also have weekly readings, group assignments, homework, prerecorded lectures (ie: lots of work) to cram in after work hours. Once a month we all meet up in person for a 4 day intensive on Bainbridge Island (near Seattle) for 4 days of intense, live classes. My classmates and professors are from all across the country, and all in unique industries so it should be a fabulous (unique!) experience. If you would like more information about BGI, check it out HERE. This is a TOTALLY unique school with a fascinating history.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful support as I have decided to jump back into school. I know that Matt and I will need lots of love and encouragement over the next two years, but this will be a great milestone for us as a couple. Horray for school! High quality visits, meals, notes of encouragement, groceries, money (just kidding!) will be very appreciated during these busy times. I promise that I will return to real life in 2014!


One thought on “Embarking on a new Adventure

  1. L, Sure would be nice if you would study/follow the Rosemont Copper mine in Southern AZ. Pat of Pat and Carol is involved. We are concerned about water use, piles of tailings, water being polluted and the like. They have been giving tours of the mine site. When it cools off I hope Gaga and I could go see it. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had to come down to visit it. I would bet that Pat would give you a special tour. Love, Grammy

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