Honeymoon Days 1 – 3: Seattle to Rome, Italy

Written September 4th, 2012 in Venice, Italy

First of all, flying out after work around 6’oclock was totally perfect for avoiding jet lag. Matt and I slept the whole way to Amsterdam, then again on the flight to Rome. Perhaps the sleeping to Rome had something to do with our exhaustion after sprinting through our connection in Amsterdam. We made it to the gate just as it was closing. We arrived in Rome the late afternoon. And when I say “we” I just mean Matt and I. Our luggage was somewhere still in Amsterdam. Luckily we planned for this and had a weeks worth of clothes and critical things in our carry on, so we gave our travel information to the barely-speaking-English desk attendant and left praying that we would be reunited with our luggage at some point.

We found a bus to take us to Rome, and then trekked to our B&B that was 2 blocks from the Colosseum. Awesome location! We had made hotel reservations for all our italy stops early and it helped us just get to the sites rather than search upon arrival. Someday I hope we do an unplanned trip, but this was not going to be that one.

B&B Aleskia was a beautiful, small place, with only three rooms, but it had a view of the Colosseum, air conditioning and a fridge. (the latter two we learned over the course of the trip are pretty high on our future criteria list). It was so hot in Rome. Well, it was pretty much hot the whole trip, but this was the first taste of it for our poor Pacific Northwest skin.

We rinsed off the sweat and took an evening walk around the Colosseum at sunset on our way to find dinner. We ate at a little place called Il Clemintina. We were so excited to finally get some legitimate Italian food in our bellies. We shared a carafe of house red, bruschetta, fried zucchini flowers, a prosciutto pasta, and saltimbocca. Oh yum. It was great.

The next morning we DID Rome. Rome is big, and there is a lot to see, so we headed out early with a rough plan of attack. And we did it. A few priorities: we did not want to pay entrance admission to things, we wanted to maximize good photography light on things if possible, and we planned to walk all of it. Mission accomplished. Trevi Fountain was amazing. The Vatican was very impressive (with an equally impressive line to go into St. Peter’s so we will do that next time). Rome’s abundance of free, cold water meant our Nalgene was always full. We ate pizza for lunch near the Vatican, then continued on with ever tiring feet. Uneven cobbled streets really wear on feet waking all day! Gelato in the afternoon was a well deserved treat.

After coming back with sore feet and drenched with sweat, we showered then waiting till sunset to venture out for dinner. The heat of the day was waning, and we enjoyed a long stroll along the Colosseum before a somewhat odd dinner at a random restaurant we stumbled upon. Good food, very bizarre atmosphere and even more bizarre service. At least Matt could check carbonara off his list of things to eat in Rome!

Rome was beautiful, but after such a long hot day in a city, the next morning we were ready to get to the Tuscan countryside.


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