Buon Viaggio!

Tomorrow is the day! We are headed off for three weeks of honeymooning relaxation and adventure. Matt’s mom is taking us to the airport, where we fly to Rome to start our epic Mediterranean tour. We are so excited for the food, culture and sunshine! I am pretty sure “excited” does not do our anticipation justice. The tickets are printed, passports in the to go pile, and bags getting closer to being packed. We received news last night that we got upgraded to a $3,200 per person verandah room on our cruise! Woohoo! Excitement just went up another notch (if that was even possible).


2 thoughts on “Buon Viaggio!

  1. That is probably a stock picture, but I really really hope that’s actually what your suitcase looks like.

    Enjoy your honeymoon! I will sit here in jealous anticipation of your return to hear all about it 🙂

    • Yes, you are correct…stock photo 😦 Sadly my suitcase will not be nearly as cute, but will probably be as full! Packing for a week in Italy PLUS a cruise (read: fancy dinner clothes) = not really packing very light. But that was part of the reason we picked it. Matt gets to re-wear his wedding suit and I get to wear some fancy gowns! Awesome!

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