Our Wedding Weekend – Days 4 & 5

Day 4 – Saturday

2:30 AM – I woke up to swollen knees and really sore ankles. 3 days of standing, walking and dancing had caught up to me. My sweet husband found me some water and ibuprofen and I fell back asleep listening to the fog horns.

We woke up to more sunshine, and headed down to the Fort for an informal brunch. Costco Danishes, muffins, pastries, fruit, coffee, tea…and more visiting with family and friends. People milled around, played croquet, Frisbee, and ate, until we eventually got a group together to go explore the beach and some other parts of the fort. The sun was out, and for the first time this summer…I did not have to worry about tan lines! Woohoo! As you may have guessed…I burned my shoulders. It felt so good to be out in the sun.

By the afternoon, I was crashing. Tired, sore feet, achy voice, and really just kind of over-visited and over-stimulated in general. Going that many days with so many details and so many people is exhausting. Matt and I packed up some leftovers for dinner, and retreated back to the Red Barn for the afternoon. We did come back to the houses to visit and see some photos, but the down time that afternoon and evening was so desperately needed.

Day 5 – Sunday

We woke up to sunshine again, and had a slow morning packing up our stuff to go home. We ate more leftovers from the reception (wow the food was good!) for breakfast, then hit the road. The ferry line was long, but that just gave us more time to relax. I was so tired. I slept on Matt’s lap on the ferry ride home. We made it back to West Seattle around 2:00, and spent the afternoon opening gifts, seeing the kitties, and organizing the house. Over and over we kept exclaiming how well it all went, and how excited we were to be married.

We had so much help from friends and family. Pulling this off was truly a labor of love and generous outpouring of time. We had people come from across the state, county and world, and it was incredible to see all our closest friends and family meet, bond, and share in our wedding weekend. It was seriously better than we ever could have dreamed of, and the perfect way to start our lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Frugé.


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