Wedding Countdown: One Week!

Only 1 week to go! This time next week I will be getting ready to have hair and makeup done, be surrounded by my best friends and family and have all the planning DONE and behind me! Woohoo!

Last night we had a bit of a couple meltdown about printing…all the programs, seating charts, menus etc…it is a lot of detail work at the computer and when programs don’t do what you need them too…well, it is beyond frustrating. Especially when it is past my bedtime and I need to take the files with me the next morning. I had been working on the seating chart poster and the computer was not cooperating. All the hard work had been done, each guest assigned a seat. What I was working on was purely cosmetic…and therefore needed to look perfect. Columns were not lining up, but finally at 9:30 I said it was good enough. Those columns were just going to have to be good enough. I no longer cared that they were off by literally _ much. I had Matt come take one final look and he did not like the columns. Ok, fine, if he wanted to work with it, go for it. I was done. 40 minutes later he was as frustrated as I was at 9:30. I went to bed. Matt stayed up and work on them. Good news: he got it all figured out and they look amazing, and I am ready to print them today! Fingers crossed that goes smoothly. Printers and I don’t have the best history if you recall my invitation printing experience.

On a more positive note, we were excited to FINALLY find a duvet cover that we like! It was at Pottery Barn, so I started a short wedding registry there with that and a few things we had be eyeing. Woohoo!

Things are getting close! Succulents have arrived for the flowers and they are with the florist, we met with our photographer (SOOO excited to see the pics already!), and 40 pounds of peaches are ordered. I am so ready for a weekend to tackle a few last minute tasks (get wedding rings soldered, make table numbers, start packing boxes) and hopefully relax a bit with my sweet fiancé.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Countdown: One Week!

  1. Congratulations! Don’t worry you will all fine! Have you selected the gown? Upload some pics of the gown, would love to see;-)

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