Countdown: 18 days!

Time is precious these days. It seems like every weekend and weeknight we have something going on…and the nights we don’t we are hesitant to schedule things so we can just recover! This weekend was scheduled as our “productive wedding weekend” to tie up loose ends. We had three main objectives: shopping, ceremony and succulents. And I am pleased to announce that they are all DONE! And to top it all off we even hosted a BBQ.

Friday night we had a great BBQ in our backyard with friends, good food and a fire pit (and s’mores!). We have been wanting to have a BBQ all summer and really just have not had time (or weather) to make it happen. The morning started with downpours…literally buckets of rain…but it cleared up in the afternoon and we had perfect weather for hanging out in the back yard. We choose to ignore the fact that our grass was not mowed and the garden all overgrown with weeds and just enjoy the evening. Next summer our garden can be more of a priority again.

Saturday was shopping day. We went to the mall with an ambitious list. Wedding shirt, shoes, and belt for Matt, honeymoon clothes for both of us, and good Italy walking shoes for me. It could have been a rough shopping trip for sure. However, we approached it with a good attitude and really focused on enjoying ourselves rather than stressing out and it was great. Matt had amazing success at, you will never guess…JC Penny. Who would have thought? We actually had more luck there with all his clothes AND better service than we did at Macy’s or Nordstrom. I was quite impressed to be honest. Wedding shoes we found at DSW (aren’t they perfect? See photo below) and a belt at the Rack. I made us stop for a quick lunch at Panera which was a good thing to extend my patience and stave off a headache. We were home by 5! We celebrated success with leftover homemade burgers in the backyard sunshine.

Sunday Matt worked while I hung out with our mamas to replant our centerpieces. Remember those beauties that I planted months ago? Over the past few months they went from beautiful to alien. Not what I had in mind. We spent the afternoon ripping out the old ones and putting in new ones. It was a fun time and I am SO thankful to have their help to finish that task! Matt got home around 2 and worked on our ceremony all afternoon. It sounds great. We sent off the draft to Marty for a final review but I think we can say that is pretty much done at this point. And sounds great thanks to Matt! We finished all that around 7:30, realized we were starving and threw together a really good dinner to eat in the living room before falling into bed. I slept like a rock. What a productive weekend! 18 days to go!!!


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