Port Townsend Wedding Details

Four weeks to go! We made our final trip to Port Townsend before the wedding to tie up loose ends there. Confirm reservations, order cake, pick up marriage license,showing Marty the ceremony site, hair and makeup trial. It was productive and fun. The weather was a treat…thunderstorms all weekend! We NEVER get those here! Matt and I even took a walk to a lookout to see the lightning in the sunset. It was a stunning view. We also treated ourselves to ice cream at Don’s Pharmacy. A trip to PT without it is just too much to ask…even with the looming wedding dress fittings!

It feels so good to be putting the finishing touches on wedding things! We are coming down to the line!



2 thoughts on “Port Townsend Wedding Details

    • Thanks Rose! It was fun to read through all your pages and stories. The PNW is amazing. I am envious of your tri experience on STX…someday I want to do it! I ran a marathon and was a swimmer so I figure it is do-able someday! Look me up if you ever make it out here 🙂

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