4th of July – Sunshine, Fireworks & A Trip to the ER

Matt and I BOTH had the 4th of July off this year! Woohoo! It was the first one in about 5 years that he was not working. We took advantage of the slow morning and had breakfast and prepped some food to take to a 4th of July party. I chugged away at the computer organizing and ordering wedding stuff while Matt made some deviled eggs (which apparently “deviled” refers to adding spice to them, and technically what my mom made growing up (no spice) are simply “stuffed eggs”). Then we decided to clean some dishes and hit the road. Well, that is where our day got interesting.

I was washing dishes and was cleaning the big, sharp chef’s knife when the blade managed to slice my right index finger knuckle. All of a sudden I could see bone and tendon and things that were NOT skin…there was no blood or pain…but I knew right away that the pain might start and I needed to sit down so I would not faint. I put pressure on my finger and Matt jumped right in to get me laid on the floor. The pain and blood never came so we were lucky, and it kept us calmer (I also realized that I had very amazingly missed all the important stuff in my knuckle and was VERY lucky!) as we called the doctor.

I knew I needed stiches, but EVERYWHERE was closed on the 4th of July. Even 911 was not sure where to send us! Finally our family doctor called back and said the ER was really the only place open so we headed to Capitol Hill. At 11:30 in the morning we missed the rush of burn/drunken ER visits and managed to get in and out in about an hour. We were so relieved! I got 4 stiches and we were able to make it to Jeff’s party almost still on time!

Jeff and Anna’s was great. They live in an apartment building with a perfect view of Lake Union backdropped by downtown Seattle. We had two kegs on the deck and tons of great food, and hung out in the sunshine on the roof until fireworks at 10:10. It was a great 4th after all!

I tell you what though, a holiday on a Wednesday makes working the rest of the week really rough. I am so excited for the weekend! Seattle International Beer Festival here we come! It’s me and my dad’s father/daughter annual event and this year Matt gets to come! Woohoo! Mama Carter is even going to tag along 🙂 Good family bonding before the wedding!


2 thoughts on “4th of July – Sunshine, Fireworks & A Trip to the ER

  1. I’m glad you missed all the important stuff with that cut! That really could have been terrible. Looks like the rest of your holiday was fantastic though!!

  2. yes it really could have been bad! I am pretty lucky! (and Matt has now banned me from washing knives…) The rest of the day was pretty fun! Happy belated 4th!

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