Once in a lifetime – Bachelorette Party!

8 wonderful ladies +

1 awesome old, Craftsman house +

4 palates of rainbow eye shadow +

11 80’s dresses +

1 bag of goodwill earrings +

2 taxis +

6 magnums of Cooks

= one amazing bachelorette party weekend in Portland!

Yep, that about sums it up! On Friday morning I hopped in the car with my Seattle carpool gals, Diane and Crystal and made the trek down to Portland. We laughed the whole way, getting epically lost thanks to some really odd iPhone directions and U turns. A quick stop at Goodwill added hot pink shoes and earrings to my outfit. We met up with Ellie at the Little Red Farmhouse (an awesome old Craftsman house near Beaverton that we rented for the weekend). We had a few hours before the other ladies arrived so we went to the grocery store to stock up on goodies. More laughter and adventures ensued at Fred Meyer, then the liquor store, then BACK to Fred Meyer to get things we forgot. We were quite the crew!

Back at the house we started getting ready in our 80’s finest. Rainbow makeup, BIG hair, side pony tails…then the dresses! Good thing we had two bathrooms to get ready in. 8 girls = lots of mirrors needed!


We snapped some photos on the porch and then took taxis downtown to McMenamins for dinner. A few drinks later and we were ready to dance! I have been looking for a good 80’s night since leaving college and have been unsuccessful…until now. The Crystal Ballroom did not disappoint! The huge dance floor was jam packed with tons of people dancing and rocking out to the best of the 80’s. We danced straight through till 1:30. It was exhausting and SO much fun! (more photos of the night out to come in a later post when I get the thumb drive from Jenny!)

Saturday was a little rough for all of us, so there was lots of napping as well as a trip to Portland’s Saturday Market and 23rd Street. The low key day was a great way to recover from our epic night out.

What a wonderful group of ladies to celebrate with. Most of them only knew me and maybe one other girl, but by the end of the weekend we were a pretty close knit little pack. Thank you ladies for making my weekend so special! I am up for another 80’s night in Portland anytime!


I made it home in time to meet Matt when he got off work. What a great guy…he surprised me with a clean house and a huge hug. I love that Moose.

I spent the afternoon mowing and weeding the garden, then we sat down and started planning our port adventures for the cruise. Whoohoo!!

Now I need a nap.


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