When Life Gives You Apricots

When life gives you lemons make lemonade right? Well, life is a little challenging at the moment, but what I am turning to are apricots.

Our kitchen is full of fruit. We have been eating blueberries, raspberries and strawberries with ruthless abandon these past two weeks. This week we added cherries, cantaloupe and nectarines to the list. And I picked up some apricots. Oh apricots.

I remember that my mom always loved apricots. We would have a pile of them on the counter all summer. As I got older I learned to appreciate the sweet tang of a perfectly ripe one. Now they are one of my favorite fruits.

My favorite apricot memory is from senior year in high school, when we took a Western US road trip to show our Kazakhstan exchange student, Alice, what other parts of the US looked like. Our road trip took us from WA State, to Zion, Capitol Reef, Arches, Bryce, Las Vegas, Death Valley, and finally back home to WA. It was a wonderful trip. One of the highlights, one that could not have been planned, were the apricots. Many years ago settlers had planted apricot trees in the park near their homesteads in Capitol Reef (or was it Zion?). These houses are long since abandoned, but the apricot trees still bear fruit. And boy was it ready to eat! The park has a rule – you can eat all you want, but don’t take any with you. So that is what we did: ate. We walked tree to tree picking fruit and eating it in it’s full summer glory. We chatted with squirrels hopping between trees. These little buggers got the best deal of all: they were picking the choicest fruits from the very tops of trees, took one bite, then threw it to the ground in search of the next prime bite. Luckily, there were plenty to go around.


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