New Weekends

This past weekend we had a reality check with how Matt’s new work schedule will impact us. It is not going to be as easy as we first thought. His weekends are now Friday/Saturday and then working really, really early on Sunday. Blah. Not ideal, but we will figure it out. We know that it will not be forever, so we can deal with it for now. 

Even though our weekend was scattered across 3 days, we had a great, full few days. Friday we had Matt’s parents and our friend and wedding officiant, Marty, over for dinner. Matt made some stellar pot pies: spinach/onion/potato and a split pea/ham. Yum! The crust was unbelievable. We used our home rendered leaf lard and it was so perfectly flaky…so so good. To finish off an evening of pies for dinner we had, you guessed it, apple pie supplied by Matt’s mama! Yum!

Saturday was a full day, starting with breakfast with my parents at our house at 8:30. From there the guys went to the Puyallup Fair grounds for a Mother Earth News fair while mom and I had a full afternoon of Craigslisting and a bridal shower. Last week I had spotted an antique cabinet on craigslist that we went to pick up on Saturday (utilizing mom’s car while in town…mine cannot carry much at all!). We brought the cabinet home and cleaned it on the deck, then headed to my bridal shower.

My friend and bridesmaid, Lana, hosted the shower at her house in Bellevue. It was a ton of fun, and it was so wonderful to see so many family and friends.

After the shower we regrouped with the boys and went down to White Center for some amazing pizza at my new favorite place: Proletariat Pizza. Seriously the best pizza I have had in Seattle yet. It was fresh, reasonably priced, and in a funky little place that just felt good to be in. Since we were in White Center, we wandered through our favorite Asian market too, picking up some limes, frog legs, goat meat and bananas. Great day!

Matt worked on Sunday, so I worked on the house. The new cabinet needed a home so we moved 3 bookcases around to adjust. My goal was to have it all back in place before going back to work, and I have to say that I think it worked out! I picked Matt up at 4:00 and we went to Sur la Table in Pike’s market just for fun. We revisited some of our registry items just to make sure they were the right ones. Such a fun store. When we got home we ate leftover pie and chopped up rhubarb for our first batch of liquor. We have 1 ½ glass gallon jugs marinating in the basement now! Now it just takes patience…


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