Frustrated Bride

I have had our wedding planned for months now. I was ahead of schedule, and things were going great. I have now learned that sometimes you can be TOO ahead of schedule and that is not a good thing. What is the problem? My centerpieces. Two months ago when I planted them they looked stunning. I was so proud. I could not wait for them to grow and fill out in their pots. I was flying high knowing that this item was checked off my list and they would be totally unique.

That was two months ago.

Since then, yes, they have grown, but not how I envisioned. I would say that 85% of them are now just plain ugly. Gangly alien looking succulents that are fighting in their containers. Not what I had in mind at all. It is frustrating and a little bit heartbreaking. I am going to replant them all before the wedding. This will mean finding more succulents, repotting them all, and basically starting from scratch on 80+ pieces. And I thought I was so far ahead.

Grrrrr.Broken flowerpot of basil (1824R-6194 / 42-19651660 © Fancy Collection)


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