These Days…

Last weekend we:

  • stayed home and relaxed
  • worked in the garden
  • saw the Avengers (and then had to rent Thor to catch up on the back story…I highly recommend both!)
  • had a sushi date night downtown Seattle
  • worked out really hard on Sunday morning…me kickboxing at the gym, Matt working out in the basement
  • hung out with the kitties
  • went to a BBQ and hung out with some of my old high school friends
  • finished up scholarship applications (me) and cleaned up the computer (Matt)
  • folded LOTS of laundry
  • played at the beach during low tide

Yesterday we:

  • walked to the Junction for pho for dinner
  • opened some wedding gifts
  • went back to work *sigh*
  • got $$ back when the price of our honeymoon cruise dropped!

Today we:

  • are making grilled chicken and Italian barley salad for dinner
  • taking a day off from workouts
  • may go on an evening walk
  • really should mow the grass…

This weekend we:

  • are BUSY!
  • are hosting dinner for Matt’s parents and Marty on Friday
  • Saturday is my bridal shower #2 in Seattle while the boys bond at a Mother Earth News fair
  • may be buying an antique display cabinet that I have been coveting on Craigslist
  • are trying out Matt’s new Friday/Sat weekend schedule for the first time
  • are working on honeymoon plans
  • are getting in another good workout!

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