Summer Bucket List

I tried looking for my 2012 resolutions list, and no luck. Maybe I did not write one this year. It has been a busy spring so far. We have managed to get some hiking in, made some progress on our liquor making goals, worked on the yard (and it is looking so nice!), and done wedding planning…but we still have some goals for this summer. Why this summer? Well the fall is going to get really busy really fast with me starting school in October. Working full-time + two years graduate school will probably take a significant slice out of our social and adventure lives. So here is to summer 2012!

  • Finish wedding planning and details at least 2 weeks before the actual date
  • Visit Port Townsend for a getaway weekend
  • Camp at the lake property at least twice
  • Hike Mt. Si
  • Dancing till Dusk in the park
  • Make basil, rhubarb, sour cherry and red currant liquors
  • Visit Ferndale during strawberry season
  • Go crabbing
  • Get all finances in order pre-and-post wedding
  • Kickbox at least 1x per week and do 3-4 other workouts (use that gym membership!)
  • Read a book for fun
  • Car camp to Mora State Park
  • Mt. Rainer? Maybe this will wait till fall…

Busy summer ahead!


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