Sunshine Lime Tarts

What a weekend! (I know I start lots of posts that way…but this really, really was!) Friday and Saturday we made a point to be über productive. By that I mean grocery shopping, getting winter tires switched to summer, filling the propane tank…not to mention clean every room in the house. Then there was the yard! Matt spend a good 5 or 6 hours outside on Saturday in the sunshine mowing, edging and cleaning out the covered patio behind the house. It looks awesome! The yard has come so far from the majorly overgrown mess we inherited when we moved into this rental.

At 5:30 we realized that we needed to head inside and get cleaned up for dinner. Benny and Lana were coming for fish taco night! Unfortunately in the process of getting thing ready we realized the “fresh” black cod we had was awful and reeked (I am complaining next time I go into Costco) so Matt had to make an emergency trip to the store. Meanwhile Benny, Lana and I hung out in the backyard enjoying the beautiful evening with a glass of wine.

Dinner was great, and we finished off the evening with homemade coconut lime tarts and a game of Ticket to Ride Europe. Fun evening!

Then came Sunday…Mother’s Day!

We drove to Issaquah to meet up with the rest of Matt’s brothers and make his mama breakfast. We ate muffins and fruit and steel cut oatmeal on the deck soaking in the warm sunshine. Matt and I stuck around to go on a hike to the waterfall and visit the antique market with his mom. Good afternoon celebrating my mother-in-law-to-be!

Dinner tonight? We are walking down to the junction for Indian food at our favorite place. Like I said, what a weekend!


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