Why spring is blinding in Seattle

As soon as it hits 50, guys break out the shorts in Seattle (and I put on my Chacos), but when spring offers up the beautiful and rare 60-70 degree weekend, we tend to go overboard a bare lots of blindingly white skin. After months of being hidden by fleece and Gore-Tex, Seattleites show their true color (pasty, muted white) in hopes of catching a few rays and getting a decent dose of vitamin D. I know that this past weekend I was proudly showing off my bleach white arms and legs desperate to add a little color.

Being pasty white does have an easy solution: move to Florida or Hawaii. Tempting, but I have to say that being bleach white here is worth the wait for sunshine. I may be white, but that is a fine price to pay if I get to enjoy a warm sunny day in Seattle. There is no place on earth that beats it.

How did we celebrate this sun filled weekend? Hiking at Wallace Falls:


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