Succulent Obsessed

Succulents are cool. Sort of like cactus. Sort of like flowers. They have a sweet uniqueness that has totally captured my eye recently. A few months ago I decided to skip flowers for the majority of our wedding décor in favor of succulents. I planted Pacific Northwest hens and chicks for centerpieces, and then started looking for inspiration for bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages…yep, there are lots of flowers at (most) weddings. I decided on succulents for a few reasons: they look cool, are unique, really varied in color and texture, non-traditional, and you can plant them after the wedding! I will be able to have my wedding bouquet growing for years to come.

I found a wedding online that took place in Mexico, and featured lots of lace, neutral colors and succulents as the “flowers”. The palate and feel of this wedding was so similar to mine, and the look so perfect that I emailed the coordinator (in Mexico) to pick her brain for ideas. She gave me pointers on the making of the bouquets (she did them herself) and I started looking around for where I could find succulents. I was drawn to the more exotic, neutral toned varieties of the desert and found my source online, with growers located in Southern California. I talked to my florist and worked out a plan with her to put together bouquets with the cuttings I order, mixed in with some other flowers.

This all was settled and put aside a few weeks ago.

Then, this past weekend, I started to worry.

Worry that the cuttings I order would not arrive in time (there is only so much window between them arriving, being put together and then being displayed on wedding day that I don’t want to have them die before the photos!). I was picturing me succulent-less pulling things together last minute and then coming home to a HUGE order of cuttings on my doorstep. What if I did not like the final shipment? What if the variety was not what I pictured? All of these orders are undefined mixes, so I am sure I could not go wrong, but my wedding worry button was pushed.

I was getting all out of sorts and could not focus on anything besides worrying about my flowers. So what did I do to cope? I told Matt I needed to go out, and I drove like a maniac went to Home Depot. And packed a cart full of potted succulents in all sorts of beautiful, unique and bouquet ready varieties. I created my own backup plan. If all else fails, I will have a set of succulents that would make me happy on my wedding day. Yes, I will still order the cuttings. They are much cheaper per piece (and I need a lot more if I am doing mine + 4 maid bouquets + 12 boutonnieres + 3 corsages!). I have my bare minimum covered though.

My succulents got planted and basked in the hot weekend sun, and then brought under cover so that the Seattle rain would not drown them. I am actually getting a lot of satisfaction of cultivating these little babies on my own. And they are super cool to look at. I guess there is no “lose” in this situation. But the peace of mind that planting my own has brought was so worth it.


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