Sunglasses, Easter, & Baking Naked

What is one SUPER essential honeymoon/vacation item to pack? Sunglasses. Now as a Seattleite I go through sunglasses. Why you ask, would one need sunglasses in this “rains 24×7” place? Well, first of all, it does NOT rain 24×7 (maybe just 23/5×6.5 these days…) and second, when the sun does come out it is glorious and they are needed. The problem lies in those times when sunglasses are just not practical. They get set on a car seat, on the counter, get knocked on the floor…ie scratched, sat on or lost. Yep, sunglasses get replaced a lot in Seattle.

My current pair is from Fred Meyer, a cheapo pair that I like well enough, but they are starting to chip and scratch and the hinges are wearing out. Enter: new sunglasses. I was at Nordstrom rack and came across the massive discount designer rack (uh oh, I should have walked away!) and started trying them on. Low and behold, I fell in love with a snazzy totally-made-for-an-Italian-honeymoon pair. They are classic Coach; vintagey brown, big movie star frames. AND they did no hit my cheekbones (major hurdle for me and sunglasses shopping since nearly ALL frames hit my cheekbones). I happily skipped to the checkout counter and am now the owner of these fine beauties. All ready to pack for Italy in, oh, 4 months!

After heading home with my sunglasses (and while wearing my old standbys…a great decoy to protect the new ones) I got the biggest craving for banana chocolate chip muffins. Matt and I had been talking about making some again. They are a great addition to work lunches and keep him and his sweet tooth from buying cookies at work. So I went home to bake. I cranked on some good old college days music, opened a bottle of wine and away I went. I won’t go into too much detail, but I will say if you have never baked naked, you really should give it a try. Seriously.

Easter is this weekend. We are going to Matt’s aunt’s house for family dinner on Sunday, and I am bringing my friend Beth along as my adopted West Seattle sister. I love including her when she is in town! It should be a fun weekend. Family, food, SUNSHINE (at least in the forecast!). Maybe I will get lucky enough to try out the new sunglasses.


One thought on “Sunglasses, Easter, & Baking Naked

  1. We love baking naked!! The problem is – our house is practically made of windows – and once in a while, there will be an awkward moment where we look out and lock eyes with our neighbors. The rule is: if you can see them, they can see you!

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