Wedding Planning: Engagement Ring (Round 2) Progress

After the fiasco with our first ring we finally found a design that Matt and I decided to commission as a custom piece with Seattle jeweler LT Denny. We were so impressed with their personal service and high quality jewelry (an onsite designer!) that we brought in pictures and our diamond and set the ring making process in motion. Last week I dropped off the stone, and on Saturday was surprised to get a call saying the wax was ready to come look at!

Matt and I trooped down to the store, and spent the next hour working with the owner and designer to carefully shave away little sections and redesign slight elements so that the ring was exactly what we wanted. Of course, a wax is still a little hard to picture with the final product. It was purple to start with, and only the center diamond is in place. The side accent stones we just laid out on top with tweezers and had to imagine them in place. We were even able to design the matching wedding band and come up with a very simple design that will highlight the detail on the engagement ring, and add sparkle without distracting from my main diamond. After much debate about how to get it all just right (they were so patient with me as I went back and forth on ideas), we left completely satisfied and excited to see then next step.

I am not sure how long it will be till the ring is finally on my finger, but I am so excited!

Image below: the ring in progress…notice the slimmer left side? That is the way the final design will look. The right was too chunky.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Planning: Engagement Ring (Round 2) Progress

  1. Hellllooo!!

    I was wondering if you would do a post on how you decided on your diamond. I have been reading around about moissanites, conflict free canadian diamonds and the like – and am curious on your take on choosing a diamond, and how it fits into your green goals.


    • Thank you! I am so happy to have my finished ring back…it turned out perfectly the second time around!

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