Wedding Planning: March Summary

Wedding planning seems to be winding down. All the BIG stuff is done, now it is just details. Details that I need to start looking at again. This month we got our invitations sent (phew!) and started to get some RSVPs back. I was really excited to have that checked off my list. Two bridal shower dates are set – one for Bellingham and one in Seattle! Jenny is pulling together final preparations for my bachelorette in Portland in June (yay!) and the centerpieces are growing!

Now Matt and I are focusing on the fun little pieces, decorations and vows and such. We also FINALLY got the cool gift registry to work. We were having trouble linking our Sur la Table registry to it and finally got that figured out. Sometimes technology does not make things simple! I finally also have a vision for flowers and am visiting the Georgetown flower market to pick out what I want!

I made an appointment to get my dress altered, and now really need to hit the gym. Being sick for three weeks has really stopped my workouts and I am itching to get back to my kickboxing routine. Fingers crossed that next week I can get back into it! 133 days to go!


One thought on “Wedding Planning: March Summary

  1. Niiiice. It’s weird to me to only have little things left. It makes me go a little crazy because there is a lot left to do but they are little details…
    I really wanted to have something alive for our centerpieces but we’d have to start them here in Colorado and then move them to California but California is weird about moving plants across its border. So… need to come up with a new plan for centerpieces. Booo… 😦

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